Abraham Padron Announces Candidacy for State Representative, District 36

December 18, 2015

Mission, Texas – Abraham Padron, of Mission, Texas, proudly announces his candidacy for Texas State Representative, District 36 in the 2016 Democratic primary election to be held in March. Padron has the persistence, determination, and drive to be an active, vocal, and results-driven advocate in the Texas Legislature for District 36 residents.

A longtime resident of the district, Padron is a successful small business owner serving families across South Texas, and his professional experience has given him a strong sense for the needs of our community. Over 19,000 families entrust him with safeguarding their homes, automobiles, businesses, assets, health, and lives, a responsibility Padron does not take lightly.

“It is my job to learn my clients’ issues and provide solutions, which is how I will represent this district in Austin,” Padron said. “Our families want to feel safe and secure, and they deserve strong representation in Austin by someone who understands their needs,” he continued. “I will be their voice, I will put their best interest first, and I will fight for the resources they need to be successful,” he added.

Padron immigrated to the United States at the age of seven. He graduated from Mission High School in 1986, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) from The University of Texas-Pan American in 1991. A strong foundation of academics and athletics in high school and college prepared him for a successful career as a small business owner. For 18 years, Padron has led his family-owned insurance business into a thriving company with 11 offices from Brownsville to Laredo. He attributes his success to a tenacious attitude and a driving desire to achieve the American Dream, adding that in Texas, opportunities abound for those pursue them tirelessly.

“Small businesses are the foundation of our American economy, and our legislature can provide more opportunities for entrepreneurship and business development to spark innovation, creative solutions, and new industry growth,” said Padron. “Our area is ripe with talent and, with the right resources and support from someone who will keep South Texas relevant on a statewide basis, we can further develop as a thriving economic leader in the state,” he said.

Other issues of importance to residents in District 36, which Padron will analyze in light of district needs, include border security, healthcare, school finance reform, transportation, and higher education, among.

“I know I can better represent the needs of our District 36 residents, and I am ready to serve,” Padron ended.

Padron resides in Mission, Texas. He is married to Delfa and has two children – Abraham Alec, 19, and Anna Christina, 2.

Early voting in the Democratic primary election begins February 16 and runs through February 26, 2016. Election Day is March 1, 2016. Texas House District 36 encompasses parts or all of the communities of Hidalgo, Granjeno, McAllen, Mission, Palmview, and Pharr. For more information, to stay updated on campaign news, to volunteer, or to donate, visit www.VotePadron.com.